Feeback Academy was established by Jerry Fogh in 2013

What is good feedback?

How come some teams do very well, while others do very poorly, when both starting points are the same?

How can we help improve one another by using feedback?

These questions have been on my mind throughout my many years of experience in management and training teams.  So, what was it that made my teams perform better and had them create outstanding results?

The answer lies within the fact that we knew each other’s strengths and most importantly we knew each other’s weaknesses. It sounds a bit corny, but we each knew what the other was thinking. I knew when I had to put in extra effort for the team, and when it was best to fade into the background and let others take charge.

We were stronger together, because we were able to read each other’s behavior and respond to it. We complemented each other, and we improved each other by constantly giving each other feedback based on visible behavior. It was never given as personal criticism, but solely as behavioral feedback.

Feedback revolves around behavior.

In the development of Feedback2Perform®, I have combined my practical experience with more specific tools, which together form a multi-tool that creates a good feedback culture based on behavior. Through behavior, we create results and through better behavior, we create better results. Feedback2Perform® enables you to work with behavior in a concrete and constructive way.

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