Make your conversations structured and constructive

Dialogue cards are designed to ensure that your organization or business works with feedback in a structured way.  It is a way to get feedback from the organization or company.  Dialogue cards can also be used, amongst other things, as a tool for annual performance reviews.

Dialogue cards can be used within these groups:

  • Manager – Employee
  • Colleague – Colleague
  • Different Levels of Managers

Each dialogue card contains a statement, and each individual must draw a card.

In the group “Manager – Employee”, an employee, for example, draws a card with the statement:

“Talk to your manager about a behavior you would like him/her to display “MORE” of in your cooperative work relationship.”

Your card should be pulled a few days before your meeting. At the meeting you will tell each other the statements that were printed on your cards, and then you will proceed to give each other feedback. Now, neither of you are no longer in doubt about what to talk about at your meeting, and you both will have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

This type of feedback results in it being handled far more positively by both the sender and the receiver.  Because it is planned, the feedback is not perceived as an attack.

A manager can easily have 10 different dialogue card games, simltaneously, with his employees.


Take the first step towards better conversations – Purchase your dialogue cards today!

A box of dialogue cards, pertaining one of the groups costs 495dkk (tax not included). The box contains 2 × 60 dialogue cards.  It also contains a guide on how to use the dialogue cards and tips on the usage of good feedback.

You can choose between these boxes:

  • Manger/Employee
  • Colleague/Colleague
  • Different Levels of Mangers
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