What is Feedback with Effect?

Feedback with feedback with effect is set to a formula.  It is a model or rather a formula that looks like this:

The quality of feedback X The acceptance of the feedback = The effect of feedback

When we work with the formula, you must have both quality and acceptance to see its effect.

The quality of the feedback can be seen in the process. The quality is based on how well prepared you are when giving feedback. BUT if there is no acceptance of the feedback, you will never see its effect.

On the other hand, there are many people who are well aware that the feedback they are about to receive is based on the fact that they have performed poorly. Therefore, the acceptance of that feedback is already there in advance. BUT you do not have control over the facts and statements on which the feedback is based.  When the quality of the feedback is not good, you will get no effect from that feedback.

The acceptance of the feedback is gained by bringing the other person into play. When I have to give you feedback on something I want you to change, you come closer to accepting feedback when I get you to deal with it. This is done, via a series of questions, that will make you explain the behavior the feedback is about.

Through those questions, I ensure that you put yourself in my place and consider your own behavior from my point of view. When you are involved in a dialogue and not just rained on, the feedback has become effective.


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