When should you give feedback?

Feedback is like a message in a bottle. In order for your message to be delivered and accepted, you have to send your message out at just the right time. Do NOT send the bottle out into stiff headwinds and rough seas, when emotions are at a boiling point, and when it will more than likely end in the form of an argument.

But when?

The message should be sent when the waters have calmed, but do not wait to send it, for the message will not be sent properly with no wind and an overly calmed sea. By then you will have forgotten what the message really was, and you will not make any progress.

You must send the message exactly when the waters have calmed enough to allow you to communicate, but where there is still movement in the waves. Then, both the sender and the receiver will see the bottle filled with feedback, and they will both work together to improve and develop.

As the sender of the feedback, it is your responsibility that your feedback comes from the right place:

  1. NOT in the coffee room, where other employees will be involuntary spectators
  2. NOT before an important client meeting
  3. NOT in a place where disturbances may occur

It is always important to find a place where you both have the ability to accommodate feedback in an interactive way. It is very important that both of you are aware that feedback is on the agenda and are both willing to work with it.

Getting feedback your way

Your feedback culture will improve, when you are willing to change.  When and how fast this change occurs depends on the individual.  That is why Feedback2Perform® uses different tools to help each individual work with feedback.




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