Why should we work with feedback?

If you are part of a new team, feedback is a tool and a method to get to know each other, and identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the team as a unit.  In an established team, it is your feedback that brings the team together. This is done by helping each other improve.

Feedback is crucial in your work, its goal is to get you from being an ordinary team to becoming a high performance team.  In this process, it is essential that the individual is ready and willing to develop. The individual has to develop, so that the team can develop, so that the organization develops as well.

In an organization with a good feedback culture, the reaction time of the feedback given must be short between the sender and the receiver.  A shorter reaction time allows your feedback to be easily understood and makes it easier to work with the receiver.

The sender of the feedback is responsible for its successful communication.

There are many different ways to provide feedback. Feedback can be both positive and negative.

The biggest problem with feedback is that we often receive it very poorly. We seek feedback more than ever before, but we are always overwhelmed and often in denial when we receive it.

Criticism and feedback are the two different sides of the same coin. That is exactly why many people instinctively activate a defense mechanism as soon as they encounter feedback. This is why, you are responsible for the successful communication of feedback when providing it.

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