Feedback2Perform® is the tool for you

In order for an employee to live out their potential, they must receive feedback that develops their potential for performance. That’s when Feedback2Perform® comes into play. By developing a feedback culture in your company or organization, you are helping to create:

  • better results
  • lower absenteeism
  • higher engagement

It is a commitment that can be felt by your customers and one you can feel yourself in your everyday life.

Feedback2Perform® provides several tangible tools and is designed for people who want to be involved in developing a positive feedback culture.

Feedback2Perform® includes:


The Feedback2Perform® board game is practical theory through training

We want to maximize our effect on feedback culture through our tools. We have seen many good intentions die out in everyday life, when it comes to having and maintaining an effective feedback culture. This is primarily due to the individual not being able to translate the acquired knowledge into practice, not because they did not want to.

Training and action

To increase the likelihood that the theories will be used in everyday life, we end our workshops with our specially developed Feedback2Perform® board game. This means that participants will be placed into teams and begin to apply the learned tools immediately. This means that participants will give and receive feedback and Feed4Ward®, inputting things from their current lives.

Why does it work?

There are many who abstain from using new theories when they have not yet tried them for themselves. Here we are all in this together and provide a more playful approach through a gaming environment. Such as animals, humans, naturally learn things best through play…

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