How can I provide constructive feedback?

Feedback Credit is a tool that helps you give feedback corectly. When working with Feedback Credit, you get credit by using a simple scoring system.  This scoring system is an overview of the way your feedback is expressed.

FeedbackCredit.  What is it and how does it work?

Whether we have it good or bad, we all go around with an internal feedback overdraft. It is an inner balance that shows whether we are in a good mood or in a bad mood.

The balance of our inner Credit Rating is related to the kind of feedback we get. Sometimes your account will be at a positive and other times your account will be overdrawn. When you get positive feedback, you get (+) points on your account and when you get negative feedback, you get (-) points on your account.

When working with Feedback Credit, we distinguish between whether you are giving criticism or praise. The model also differentiates between whether your criticism or praise is based on the person’s professionalism or personality.

When we work with Feedback Credit, we start to unravel:

  1. How you provide criticism and feedback today
  2. Then – how to give your criticism and feedback in the future.

“You DO”: When you give criticism of what I do, professionally, it has a negative (-) impact on me. However, if you are constructive in your criticism and offer suggestions for improvement, I can still get credit (+) in my account.

If you were to praise me with a “You DO” phrase, I get +2 on my Credit Rating.

“You ARE”: Do you criticize by using the phrase “you ARE”? When using that, your criticism or your praise has a much greater impact on me personally than a feedback, which is about the way I DO things.

Example: Do you use statements with “You ARE”, if so the effect of your criticism doubled 5 times. Then you would hit me with a -10 on my feedback credit rating. This is done by using statements such as:

  • You ARE dumb
  • You ARE lazy
  • You ARE disorganized

Remember that even if you use the phrase “You ARE dumb” playfully and with a smile, we as humans will automatically take that statement negatively regardless of how it was delivered.

The positive “You ARE”: You can also use the statement “You ARE” positively through constructive feedback with praise. If you do, I will get a +10 on my Credit Rating.


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