Feedback is like running a relay race.

Speed is secondary. You cannot win without giving and receiving the baton.

Feedback is the focal point of all human development. Why? Because feedback causes organizations, teams and individuals to achieve.  You cannot be successful without giving and receiving feedback to one another.

The ability to give and receive feedback between people is a determining factor on whether a group is working or not. This is precisely why feedback is important. You will not improve without receiving the necessary feedback.

But feedback can be difficult. The biggest problem with feedback is that we often receive it very poorly. We seek feedback more than ever before, but we are always overwhelmed and often in denial when we receive it.

The Feedback Academy provides several tangible tools, designed for people who want to be involved in developing a positive feedback culture within their organization.

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A good feedback culture occurs when we consciously give each other feedback at the right time and in the right way. That is how we make each other better and create outstanding results.

One of the key feedback tools, developed and tested by The Feedback Academy, is our multi-purposeful tool Feedback2Perform®.

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